xfdesktop inside a window

Pablo Angulo pablo.angulo at uam.es
Sat Feb 16 12:52:58 CET 2008

  Hello all,
  I wonder whether it would be possible (easy) to build a component that 
essentially contains xfdesktop. I mean: so that you can build an 
application with gtk windows, gtk menus, gtk toolbars, etc, and a fully 
functional xfdesktop contained inside a gtk container.
  What for? Think of the gimp. It has several windows that are directly 
managed by the window manager, and that's the way I like it, and that's 
probably the way you like it, but many people prefer a single window 
that contains all the application. When I used windows I preferred this 
way, because there aren't virtual desktops, and it's a mess to have a 
bunch of windows in your only desktop.
  To be even more explicit, ultimately I'd like some pygtk code like 
this to work:

import gtk, pygtk...
xfdeski=xfce.xfDesktop(folder,options...) #where folder is the 
equivalent of ~/Desktop (icons in the xfdesktop corresponding to files 
in the folder (although choosing icons to represent minimised 
applications seems more interesting...))

  Other application I can think of: press a key combination, and, say, 
your virtual desktop #2 is contained in a single window. That would 
provide a way of grouping windows (?). May be you can drag apps onto the 
window containing the desktop?

  This is just brainstorming, and I would personally use none of the 
above, but maybe someone has an idea that is useful.

Pablo Angulo

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