XFCE screen reader

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So does that mean that a whole new accessibility framework would have to be 
written and another screen reader written to work with XFCE?


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>> Hello Josh,
>> On 2/11/08, josh <jkenn337 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > I am blind and I want to use xfce with xubuntu. Could a screen
>> > reader for XFCE be created so blind people can use it? Orca works
>> > for gnome, and I'm not sure if at spi and orca could be ported to
>> > XFCE or not. But gnome is huge and I want something that is light
>> > on memory.
>> Installing orca would mean installing certain Gnome dependencies.
>> However, they will simply reside on your hard disk. When using orca
>> with Xfce, you will not notice any of the Gnome foot-print on the
>> system Memory.
> I have no particular experience with screen readers, but technically
> libraries that a program links to are usually loaded. And I suspect if
> Orca links to Gnome, it certainly uses at least one single function
> that resides in a Gnome library?
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