FOSDEM devroom request rejected

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at
Mon Dec 1 13:50:59 CET 2008

Hey guys,

unfortunately, our devroom request for FOSDEM has been rejected. I
received a mail this morning saying that our request was perfectly
valid but that the FOSDEM team had to pick because there are not enough
rooms to accept all requests.

However, we still have the chance to have 1-2 talks about Xfce or
shared infrastracture in the cross desktop room on Sunday. I've been
asked to let them know about presentations we would like to hold.

I figure we could do one Xfce overview presentation with a focus on
feature highlights in 4.6 and plans for the future. Another talk might
be about compliance in Xfce but what might be even more
interesting are things like the session D-Bus interface. Brian, I
remember you were considering to announce it on fd.o for further
discussion - maybe FOSDEM is a good opportunity to present the idea too.

Dunno about xfconf. I guess that due to not supporting schemas it might
not be interesting as a cross desktop topic. I'm not exactly sure

What do you think? Any other ideas?

  - Jannis
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