"preferences-desktop-keyboard" icon in xfce4-settings-manager

Nick Schermer nickschermer at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 20:10:35 CEST 2008

2008/8/26 Brian J. Tarricone <bjt23 at cornell.edu>:
> Enrico Tröger wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> the settings manager on my system doesn't have an icon for the keyboard
>> settings.  The following message is printed on stderr:
>> (xfce4-settings-manager:5883): Gtk-WARNING **: could not load image:
>> Icon 'preferences-desktop-keyboard' not present in theme
>> And it seems to be true. I'm using the Tango icon theme and in the
>> 0.8.1 release of the Tango icon theme there is no
>> "preferences-desktop-keyboard" icon, only a
>> "preferences-desktop-keyboard-shortcuts".
>> So, is this intended or just a bug?
> Icon shows up for me, and I'm using Tango as well... perhaps you need to
> install the tango-icon-theme extras package?  Not sure...

Na i guess you also have the gnome icon theme installed. But maybe we
should change the icon to a normal keyboard (input-keyboard).


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