[PATCH] Make xfce4 start up faster

Landry Breuil landry.breuil at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 20:26:40 CEST 2008

On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 11:07 PM, Kok, Auke <sofar at foo-projects.org> wrote:
> All, Brian,
> Arjan and me are working on making Xfce4 start up faster. As you know perhaps
> we're looking at having Xfce4 natively available or installed in the moblin2
> distribution that we are currently working on, and startup time is a hot item.
> One of the issues we've found is that xfce4-session waits for each process to
> complete forking before starting the next part (xfdesktop, panel, thunar etc...).
> This part is easily acceleratable and cuts down startup time quite a bit, from
> like 2.5secs to 1.5secs or so, if not more.

This was an issue i struggled with, and couldn't find a way to
circumvent it, source code was too obscure to me.. Great you finally
found out ! Here, startup is clearly faster, and the patch (against
4.4.2, but would probably apply against trunk) has been tested by
various OpenBSD users who found it improved startup time too. I'm
thinking of integrating it in our ports-tree.

Thanks !


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