Thunar new feature: metadata-tile, tag-bar and search.

Erlend Davidson E.R.M.Davidson at
Mon Aug 18 16:51:43 CEST 2008

Alexandru Tudose wrote:
> Hi,
> I have created a meta data tile for thunar that will show meta data 
> from selected file, it use tracker as backend (really fast indexer). 
> At the bottom is a tag bar where user can add/remove different tags to 
> one or many selected files, on tag click will start search for that 
> keyword. To be fully in use it require that tracker is running, to 
> fetch tags and other metadata of selected files, but it looks quiet 
> good without tracker. When user click's on Size label it will show 
> exact size of selected files (even in trash/search directory).
> Also I implemented search in thunar-vfs with tracker, see 
> thunar-vfs-io-search.c . It's a really simple implementation, a search 
> uri will start with: /search://   /after that we can include any 
> keyword. This is done with a new THUNAR_VFS_PATH_SCHEME_SEARCH = 
> 0x20000000 to represent search uri (THUNAR_VFS_PATH_SCHEME_MASK will 
> get a new value  0x60000000 from previous one 0x40000000). Search uri 
> will be represented as a readonly directory (it can work with 
> read/write permission).
> If tile is minimized it will work like a status bar, there will be no 
> additionally overhead to thunar.
> To compile it need to recreate <>: 
> xdt-autogen --disable-maintainer-mode
> So please test it and tell me your opinions, I want this to be 
> included in thunar.
So do I.

I do think it would be nicer down the  right-hand side though.  It would 
make the thumbnail a lot bigger and give a structured Date: newline 
Type: newline look.

How will this work with the new GVfs?

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