Quick access to app menu on desktop

jp.guillemin jp.guillemin at free.fr
Mon Aug 18 09:57:53 CEST 2008


As I'm more used to Linux than MS Windows(TM), I personally like to 
access the application menu through the desktop rather than through the 
panel, and XFCE 4.6 seems to be a regression in this area (not easy to 

For the moment "left click on desktop" does nothing. Would it be 
possible to add an "OPTION" to activate desktop application menu from 
left click ?

If it's not possible for stock xfdesktop due to XFCE roadmap, would it 
be possible to have a patch ?

The optimal solution imho would be to let the user choose which type of 
menu is associated to each type of click... just my 2 cents ;)



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