xdg user directory patches for xfce 4.4.2

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Sun Aug 10 22:43:51 CEST 2008

On Sun, 10 Aug 2008 22:30:55 +0200 Andrea Santilli wrote:

> Thanks for your replies guys, you've given me some cool ideas.
> I'm thinking about making the base libraries find out what those
> directories are and give the values to the requesting applications,
> instead of having to find them out every time.
> And yes, I guess I'll need to write some function that can replace
> g_get_user_special_dir().

Please don't.  130 lines of code isn't worth adding API to
libxfce4util, esp. since that API is already obsoleted by glib.

> Anyway, about the portability, maybe it would be a better idea to
> write a setting configuration interface through which you can enter
> the pathnames for those directories. Something like kde already has.
> It could also have a 'set everything with the xdg user directory
> defaults' option.
> Dunno, thats just an idea. What do you think?

Yeah, it would be nice to have UI for this, I think, though most
average users would probably not need/want to change these things.


P.S  Please don't top-post.

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