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jp.guillemin jp.guillemin at free.fr
Sat Aug 9 23:33:14 CEST 2008

When a software becomes mature, it doesn't need to be updated very 
often. So a lack of regular releases doesn't mean that a project is dead.

This is especially true for simple tools like Gamin or Fam when they 
have reached their target functionality level , and when most bugs are 

I agree that Gamin is an improvement over Fam for the good reasons given 


Robby Workman wrote:
> Nick Schermer wrote:
>> 2008/8/9 Robby Workman <xfce at rlworkman.net>:
>>> Do people still use *fam* at all?  Maybe that's the only thing
>>> available on *BSD, but for linux anyway, I've not seen any problems
>>> at all with gamin?
>> I think almost every major distro ships with fam, because gamin is more
>> or less dead and only works for local filesystems IIRC. 
> Hmmm...  from what I can tell:
> fam 2.6.10 was released 8/20/2007 --
>    ftp://oss.sgi.com/projects/fam/download/fam-2.6.10.tar.gz
> gamin 0.1.9 was released 7/27/2007 --
>    http://www.gnome.org/~veillard/gamin/sources/gamin-0.1.9.tar.gz
> If one is dead, then so is the other, it seems.
> More importantly, I had exactly the opposite understanding with
> respect to what most major distributions are shipping - from what
> I recall, gamin is preferred over fam due to:
>    1. no running daemon is required
>    2. gamin uses the newer inotify, whereas fam uses old dnotify
> It's quite possible that I'm wrong, and if so, please enlighten me :)
> -RW
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