My Xfce Experience

Christian Dywan christian at
Tue Apr 22 07:24:38 CEST 2008

Am Mon, 21 Apr 2008 08:35:34 -0400
schrieb "Dantrell B." <dantrell at>:

> [...]
> What I don't like:
> 1. As I stated before, I have bad eye sight. So it irks me that I
> can't change the icon size of items in the Xfce menu.

"gtk-icon-sizes" is the relevant setting. Please file a bug.

> [...]
> 4. I don't like dependency on other icons in /usr/share/icons. If you
> delete everything in there but the Rodent icon pack, things break
> badly.
> Speaking of icons... I'm sorry but the trash, home, filesystem, and
> <folder> type icons are fugly. However, all the <file> type icons are
> very pretty. I had to hack up 2 icon packs to replace the folders
> because my soul was breaking. This killed some of my time.
> Edit: Rodent 2 is being under-works. All should be well then. :)

Icon themes are, independently of Xfce, a Free Desktop Org standard. It
is reasonable for a theme to depend on others. In particular hicolor can
be expected to be present, it is not a user chosen theme. So if you
don't like any icons, choose a new theme, it's as simple as that. I
don't personally like Rodent either, but that doesn't justify this kind
of critique.


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