GIMP and transient windows, a possible xfwm bug?

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Sat Sep 29 12:04:44 CEST 2007

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Henk Boom wrote:
> Hi, I'm having an issue with GIMP, but the nature of the problem
> suggests it's a window manager problem.
> When I set "Toolbox and other docks are transient to the active image
> window" (Preferences -> Window Management), xfwm tries to keep the
> docks above the active image window. However, there are issues if I
> have more than one image window open at a time. When I focus
> (click-to-focus on title bar) an inactive image, xfwm raises it, and
> GIMP sets it to the active image (presumably also changing the
> transient properties of the docks). It seems that by this time,
> though, the image is already raised above the dock, and xfwm doesn't
> try to fix this. The property is evidently set, though, since when I
> focus the dock and then the image again it keeps the dock above the
> image.
> Obviously you cannot always see the bug from the behaviour, but it
> *seems* to me that xfwm isn't pulling transient windows above the
> windows they are transient to, but only keeps them above when they are
> already. Could someone familiar with the xfwm implementation confirm
> this? Would this be considered a bug?

Not sure I get it entirely, but from what I understand, it sounds like
the behavior you expect was disabled on purpose because it was breaking
some java 6 apps (see bug #2483[1])

You may want to open a bug in bugzilla with more details (eventually
including screenshots) though.

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