GIMP and transient windows, a possible xfwm bug?

Henk Boom lunarc.lists at
Sat Sep 29 07:25:22 CEST 2007

Hi, I'm having an issue with GIMP, but the nature of the problem
suggests it's a window manager problem.

When I set "Toolbox and other docks are transient to the active image
window" (Preferences -> Window Management), xfwm tries to keep the
docks above the active image window. However, there are issues if I
have more than one image window open at a time. When I focus
(click-to-focus on title bar) an inactive image, xfwm raises it, and
GIMP sets it to the active image (presumably also changing the
transient properties of the docks). It seems that by this time,
though, the image is already raised above the dock, and xfwm doesn't
try to fix this. The property is evidently set, though, since when I
focus the dock and then the image again it keeps the dock above the

Obviously you cannot always see the bug from the behaviour, but it
*seems* to me that xfwm isn't pulling transient windows above the
windows they are transient to, but only keeps them above when they are
already. Could someone familiar with the xfwm implementation confirm
this? Would this be considered a bug?

    Henk Boom

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