Panel plugins have a fixed size in trunk

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Fri Oct 5 21:53:15 CEST 2007

Hey Mike,

> Right, better set the correct size for the widgets!  But if you look
> closer to this special case, the progress bar will just fit the max
> height with -1, and even if you want to set a height it will always
> expand to the maximum height, hence the useless here :)  But as said
> better set the correct size of your widgets, and after that you can just
> call gtk_widget_set_request_size with (-1, -1) to unset the damm locked
> width/height on orientation movement of the XfcePanelPlugin.
> What I see is that when the plugin undergoes a orientation movement,
> then it is stuck in a square and you have to either set the correct size
> for the XfcePanelPlugin (over complexity IMHO), or unset its size so the
> width set on the other widgets will take relative place inside it.
> If that could be fixed in the panel code itself it would just be nice:
> lock the height if orientation is horizontal, or lock the width if
> orientation is vertical.  Not sure at all what the code says tho :s

Indeed, there does seem to be some weird things going on with the size
setting after a reorientation.  It seems the panel plugin is set to an
explicit size, as if a size-changed handler returned FALSE, and you
need to set the XfcePanelPlugin size, not just the widgets inside it,
to make it work.

I changed trunk last week to only set the panel height (or width if
vertical) and leave the plugins themselves untouched (as long as they
return TRUE from their size-changed handler).  Unfortunately this
doesn't seem to help much.


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