Zonbu, xfce-equiped green PC (with gentoo and xfce)

Gregoire Gentil gregoire at gentil.com
Sun Nov 18 22:47:01 CET 2007

> On Fri, 16 Nov 2007 23:47:24 +0100, Jean-Franois Wauthy <pollux at xfce.org>
> wrote:
> Ah, in the olde days that text wasn't present on their website...
> >From that same page:
> "A few projects we really like
> This includes Gentoo, Xfce (including Thunar), Gnome, OpenOffice.org,
> Evolution, openChrome, MPlayer, MPlayerplug-in, Banshee, F-Spot, and
> Pigdin. We have sponsored some of those projects in the past few months and
> we welcome your participation in their further development."
> Did they sponsor their favorite desktop environment? ;)
Not right now but I'm definitely not against this idea - the same way as
we have helped some other critical projects for us. We are still a small
start-up so our resources are limited but this could change in a near
future. I will keep posted the community,


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