xfmedia: wakeups per second in idle, play time

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Thu May 31 23:34:03 CEST 2007

On Thu, 31 May 2007 13:51:42 -0700 Grant McWilliams wrote:

> >
> > But I also agree with Brian. Application like media player are
> > always CPU active, maybe some more then other, but I think they
> > will always be too CPU intensive to _really_ save power.
> >
> You didn't just say that did you? What do you have a larger chance of
> saving gas on, a monster
> V10 powered SUV or a Hybrid? The gross offender is an easier target
> that the already
> optimized isn't it?

Very true.  But sometimes things just can't be optimised any further,
and will always be a hog.  Not saying there isn't room for
improvement, but don't expect miracles.  You can't run a computer with
the CPU off all the time.

> Watching this whole thread has been very similar to sitting in my
> board meetings and listening
> to the "we're loosing money on every one but the good news is that
> sales are up" speeches.

Yeah, that's the way to influence people: tell them they're acting like
bureaucratic marketroid idiots.

> The work you do here effects many more people that what you think.
> I've got airplanes flying with 700 Linux
> computers on them and 555 of them are playing video. This isn't just
> about if one person needs to
> use their laptop for the last 10 minutes while their on the airplane.
> I also realize the psychology of this. I'm ranting because it effects
> me, others are saying it doesn't matter
> because it doesn't effect them. If we make it the best we can then
> others will use it and help instead
> of completely engineering their own from scratch (yes it's happening).

Well, you've offered your time and help, so all I can say is... please
post patches to bugzilla when they're ready.  I'm not getting a
paycheck working on this stuff, so I work on what I find interesting and
what I care most about.  Eeeking out every possible last kWh from my
laptop's battery isn't #1 on my priority list.


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