xfwm4 patches (resize_top and button_actions)

Phil Vandry vandry at TZoNE.ORG
Mon May 28 15:02:38 CEST 2007

On Mon, May 28, 2007 at 09:50:15AM +0200, Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
> If you look on the ML archive and bugzilla you'll see that it has been
> proposed already, and refused.

You mean like this?

Comment  #1 From Olivier Fourdan 2004-03-27 07:36:01 UTC
> It's a feature, or even an opinion, not a bug. Are you ready to redo all the
> themes?

No, I am not ready to redo all the themes, but each theme that is
updated makes it incrementally more useful, and having the support in
the window manager is a prerequisite for there to be any effect.
Also, I can imagine some of the themes could have the new pixmaps


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