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Harold Aling h.aling at home.nl
Mon Mar 19 22:54:54 CET 2007

Olivier Fourdan wrote:
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> Hi
> Stephan Arts wrote:
>>>> Now that the most important menu spec tests are passed and Brian
>>>> already uses FrapMenu in xfdesktop, shouldn't we move FrapMenu out of
>>>> libfrap and into Xfce trunk? Of course this raises the question about
>>>> how we plan to reorganize our libraries for Xfce 4.6 again - I'd be
>>>> glad if we could come to a conclusion here soon.
>>> No opinions?
>> Well, if we can agree on which Gtk+ version will be the minimal
>> requirement for 4.6 (2.10 has been mentioned more then once on this
>> list) we can decide which stuff is deprecated regarding this and
>> perhaps some (new) freedesktop.org standards.
> I'd really prefer 2.8 instead of 2.10, Edgy will ship with 2.8 and
> setting a dependency on gtk+-2.10 would exclude a large part of our user
> base.
Those on (x)Ubuntu Edgy probably won't install Xfce 4.6, as it probably 
won't be available through the standard repositories. Feisty Fawn (the 
soon-to-be current version) currently has v2.10.11 of GTK+.

If Xfce 4.6 could really benefit from GTK+ 2.10, I'd say: go for it!

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