Application Settings for XFCE 4.6

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Wed Mar 7 19:52:39 CET 2007

Alexandre Moreira wrote:
> On 3/7/07, Masse Nicolas <masse_nicolas at> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I know there was already a lot of discussion about replacing the mcs
>> manager. But AFAIK no decision were taken, so I would just signal that
>> I recently found something wich can be interesting in this area. Take a
>> look at
> It looks like a cool thing. I'll surely give it a try and see what is
> it capable of.
> What about using it on Xfce... do you guys think this is feasible ? I
> failed to find any good documentation on the system, unfortunately.
> Has anyone checked it out and came up with pros and cons ? I mean, it
> really seems simple to use and useful but, can it handle what Xfce
> need ?
No, someone interested in bringing this forward should try it out and 
tell us what it does and why we should use it (or why not).

 From the sparse info on that website, it sounds like a configuration 
frontend, with a default GConf backend, which is probably not what we 
want ;-)


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