How Xfce works with svg files?

Salvatore De Paolis iwkse at
Sun Jun 24 22:45:22 CEST 2007

Hi all
I'm trying to hack the xfce4-netload-plugins to allow showing a network icon
near the double progressbars.
Since xfce-panel seems to manage svg files, i though it would be as nicer if i
could work with them.
I get a look in the xfce4-panel and the Changelog state 

2003-06-07 12:58  bmeurer

* panel/icons.c: Added .svg support for themes. (librsvg provides a
  gdk-pixbuf loader), pointed out by keke at

but such icons.c file do not exists in the xfce4-panel tree.

Can anybody point me to the file where i can see an example of loading a svg


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