Faith of xfmedia.

Kok, Auke sofar at
Sun Jun 3 02:48:50 CEST 2007

did you mean "fate" instead of "faith" ?

Samuli Suominen wrote:
> Be noted this is no rant, but a question of xfmedia future.
> I've tried starting xfmedia from 2 machines now, one of them doesn't
> get GUI at all. XCB enabled libX11 and xine-lib-1.1.6 on X86. [1] has
> a backtrace from that of somekind.

works great here...

> I've tried starting it also on AMD64 with no fancy XCB enabled libX11
> and xine-lib-1.1.4 and I got a GUI but it freezes after playing any
> video for few seconds, with both outputs, X11 and XV. NVidia card.

maybe nvidia driver issue?

> I'm willing to provide more debug information if that is required, but
> however I'm not qualified to provide patches unfortunately.
> If development has died, we can go ahead removing it but I would be
> nice to get a confirmation of that..

well, xfmedia is pretty mature, so not much development is actually needed 
except bugfixes. You should ask yourself why it broke for you and not for other 
people first. Perhaps this is a xine+amd64+nvidia issue...

> [1]

that really does not suggest that xfmedia is bugged, but rather xine or the 
video driver (at first glance)


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