Interested in helping out with Orange

juha kautto.juha at
Sun Jul 29 23:47:05 CEST 2007

Yogiz kirjoitti:
> Hi,
Hello Yogiz!
> I'm interested in getting involved and help in Orage's development since
> I belive that a lightweight but functional pim is exactly what Xfce
> needs.
> The problem is that I've never actually helped in program development,
> actually I'm still dealing with C tutorials. I'm willing to learn
> however.
Everybody has to start from scratch..
> First of all, I wondered if subprojects of Xfce have their own
> discussion centres or am I in the right place.
some have...Orage does not have dedicated area.
So this is basically the right place, but since your
questions probably will not interest all...It it better
if you send Orage specific coding related questions
directly to me.
> Secondly, is asking stupid questions allowed here? I have no idea if
> I'll be able to help with anything at all and even if I try, I'll
> probably need someone to hold my hand.
Yes, basically there is no such thing as stupid question.
But to avoid "reactions" send those directly to me only.
> First thing I'd like to do is Opensync's plugin for Orange. After that
> I though I might help with the creation of graphical daily, weekly and
> monthly views- the one thing that still kid of keeps me away from using
> Orange as my primary pim.
Opensync sounds really cool!
Daily, weekly and monthly...we will need to discuss later since
I have my ideas of how they should look like....

Thanks for your help offering.


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