New clock plugin in xfce4-panel trunk

juha kautto.juha at
Fri Jul 13 09:20:45 CEST 2007

Nick Schermer kirjoitti:
> I'll put some more time on the lcd clock drawing so it'll match the
> old one beter, including the number alignment and pixel rounding.
> I agree 2 clocks in Xfce is a bit overkill, and since the new clock
> has almost all the features the orage clock provides I can add a click
>  and timezone support. Any thoughs on this Juha?
> Nick
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I am on holiday and traveling so I can not try the new plugin
just now, so commenting is difficult. I can check the new code
after few weeks....

Basically the reason for building orage-clock panel plugin
was to add more features since at that time all enhancements
to clock plugin were denied. The idea was to keep basic clock
plugin simple and small to save memory and cpu. Now this
seems to have changed dramatically and all kinds of things
are being added into it? The change from very minimalistic
clock panel plugin to a very features rich plugin is pretty major
thing considering the minimalistic approach Xfce has taken
in the past?

Still I am hesitating to kill orage-clock plugin since I have no
quarantee to get my features included. I would actually have
preferred to keep the basic clock plugin simple and "basic"
"Xfce type" and enhance the orage-clock pluging instead to
have all needed bells and whistles for those who want to have

Currently I am using big font time in the middle row and
smaller font  weekday name and date in the upper and lower
rows.  Doing this with your new code probably is not simple?
Also left click uses X events to hide and show orage and similarly
middle button uses X events to hide and show globaltime multi-
clock viewer. So moving into the new plugin would need some
changes into Orage also.

On the other hand I really like simplicity so merging from two to
one is tempting. But I could also copy the new features into
orage-clock panel plugin and then we could leave the old one
as it is.


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