MCS design proposal

Bo Lorentsen bl at
Mon Jul 9 22:07:35 CEST 2007

Jannis Pohlmann wrote:

>> Ok, so channel naming is tree like, how nice.
> Of course it is.
Nice to hear, I guess the current implementation is like that too, and 
that this was inherited into the new design.

> We could add some kind of list query function to the XfceMcsManager or
> XfceMcsClient API of course. That shouldn't be a problem.
Ok, cool ... I will look for it in the spec.

> To "start using this"? People can't use it until it's implemented. It's
> just a concept, man. I'll update the document with the (preliminary)
> results of this discussion ASAP.
I tried to say "future" developers, as in "when this will be 
implemented" :-)

> Regarding MCS: nobody is able to use it since there is no
> implementation of the new concept. Why tell people how great this is if
> they won't be able to make use of it?
Again, what I was implying was that by doing some more work now on the 
doc (maybe in a wiki page), it could be beneficial for "future" 
developers that like to give Xfce a go.

Sorry, if I have caused any unnecessary confusion.


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