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> Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
> > There is no real status. I still have a more recent design draft
> > lying around on Doppio:
> > 
> >
> It would be nice to know what this proposal tries to achieve that the 
> current MCS do not.
> I like the idea of using D-Bus, but I like to know why this design
> have been chosen.
> So, it would be nice to know the motivation or goal for this draft.

Well, it's mainly an overhauled version of the current design. It
uses D-Bus and thus is not bound to the X server. The whole design is
more "GOO" (GObject orientated). To give an example: instead of passing
callback function pointers to the MCSClient you would just connect to
the "property-changed" signal of the channels.

So it's basically all about using more modern concepts (D-Bus,
more GObject) and therewith preparing the MCS part of Xfce for the

> > It is incomplete though, as plugin interface (would probably be
> > based on .desktop files) is missing. I haven't had the time to
> > finish it yet. Anyway, the general design idea is what I would
> > prefer instead of getting involved in GConf.
> It sounds like a discussion I have not seen ...

Whether to get involved in GConf or not has not really been discussed
there though. I know that Benny is all for it while I am not. Others
have not raised their voice on this topic yet AFAIK.

  - Jannis
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