xfce display/login manager?

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Mon Jan 29 23:55:39 CET 2007

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Björn Martensen wrote:

> - gdm: needs some gnome stuff, has gnome everywhere, adds all kinds of
> gksu stuff into the xfce menu and it just feels strange. still probably
> the best solution at this time, at least the best concerning my
> experiences.

Latest gdm doesn't depend on any gnome stuff (could be incorrect; this
is based on second-hand information).

> - xdm: too basic, no options to reboot the system or shut it down and
> such things

It's also really really really ugly ^_^.

> - slim: not that bad, but it doesn't fit very well and at least on my
> system I always had a slim.log that was about 200M, even after deleting
> it so that it was generated completely new, it was 200M again right
> away. Once it even slowed down the entire system that much, it cluttered
> my whole /var partition with a 900+M big logfile, and even after
> stopping the slim service and deleting the file, it didn't get any
> better. a windows solution (reboot ;)) solved that and the first thing i
> did after that was finally getting rid of slim and installing gdm...

Did you file a bug report with slim?  Seems like something that could be
easily fixed.

> - wdm: ugly. old.

Never tried it myself.

> - entrance: needs enlightenment, afaik. haven't tried it..

Yeah, but I bet it's really really really pretty...

> If there are people that would like a "xfdm" or sth like that, maybe it
> would be a nice addition for 4.6?
> what do others think about that?

I think it would be nice, but someone has to actually do it.  A display
manager is far from trivial.

You can also look at qingy.  It's pretty cool, and works well on two of
my boxen, though it has had stability issues in the past, and also
depends on the Linux framebuffer driver for your video card, many of
which tend to be buggy.  Works for me; YMMV.

Auke: can we FAQ this?


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