[Thunar-dev] Developing a new app for Xfce

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Thu Jan 25 20:12:05 CET 2007

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Jani Monoses wrote:

> To me starting from the idea of making an app by using Xfce libs looks 
> like a solution in search of a problem.

Yup.  If you're looking to make a GUI app, start with Gtk (or Qt;
whatever floats your boat).  Don't add a dependency on the Xfce base
libraries unless there's something in them that you need, or will make
your life significantly easier.  Our API documentation can be found via
our documentation page:

> Why not find out what Xfce users
> miss from a typical Xfce desktop, either because there is no such app at 
> all (unlikely) or it does not fit well with Xfce because it is not as 
> light (used KDE/GNOME technology, written in java/mono etc).

Agreed.  To further that point, I've found that I have trouble working
on a problem that other people are having if it doesn't interest me that
much.  So for someone wanting to get involved, the best thing to do is
find what you personally think is lacking in the desktop, and figure out
how to work on it or improve it.  The biggest motivator to work on OSS
(as many people have found) is the "scratching your own itch"
phenomenon: essentially just having a problem and figuring out how to
solve it through writing open source software (regardless if it's
starting a new application or improving an existing one).

> Similarly if Xfce devs worked together with file-roller upstream to have 
> it build with --disable-gnome,there could have been a lighter but mature 
> archiver for Xfce. Instead we now have two beta quality ones with code 
> and UI still in flux.

Before Giuseppe and Stephan came along (and now Peter, too), we didn't
have anyone working on an archiver.  Those of us already working on Xfce
didn't have the time to work on file roller or write our own.  Who are
we to tell someone what to work on or how to accomplish it in their
freely-given time?

Personally, my goal isn't Xfce World Domination (yeah, I know, big
surprise).  I just want to have fun.  If other people benefit from my
fun, that's a huge bonus (for them, and some nice warm fuzzy feel-good
feelings for me).  If not, then people are left with no less than they
had before.


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