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Rob wrote:

> Also: my Windows-keyboard has a "Windows-key" on
> the left, which, in Windows, opens the 'Start' menu
> of the panel. Can I also have this working with
> XFCE: if I push that key, it opens the XFCE menu?

(Ok, the following should work, and looks like it works, but it doesn't
actually work.  If anyone has anything to add, please enlighten us.)

What you first have to do is make X stop thinking it's a modifier key.
Run 'xmodmap' to see if Super_L and Super_R are in there anywhere, and,
if so, use xmodmap to clear them out.  You'll need to add something to
~/.Xmodmap to do it every time X starts up.  So for example, on my
system I see that the 'Super' keys are defined as mod4:

mod4   Super_L (0x40),  Super_L (0x7f),  Hyper_L (0x80),  Super_R (0x74)

so to remove them, I'd put the following in ~/.Xmodmap:

remove mod4 = Super_L Super_R

(You can run "xmodmap -e 'remove mod4 = Super_L Super_R'" to test.)

X should now treat your 'Windows' key as a normal key press, which means
we can bind actions to it.  You can either bind it to 'xfdesktop -menu'
to pop up the desktop menu, or 'xfce4-popup-menu' if you're using the
'Xfce Menu' panel plugin (this latter bit might be 4.4 only; I don't
remember when it was added).


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