Post-4.4: Appfinder

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Mon Jan 15 14:26:38 CET 2007

Alexandre Moreira wrote:
> I know this is very unrelated but I think it would be the right time
> to ask something I've been cooking in my head for quite some time now:
> What do you guys think of (in an undefined later coordinate in time,
> hehe) having an interface much like this one for the
> xfce-settings-show application ?

IIRC, GNOME Control Center recently switched to the Novell interface as

> 1) At first, the easy-to-do-it, although it is not reason TO DO it it
> serves to cool down some of the "we're fine the way we are now"
> behavior :). What I mean is, if we really get to having an Appbrowser
> like this, having a xfce-settings-show much like it but just
> presenting Settings stuff would be rather trivial.

In a perfect world, our settings would be backed by a settings database,
or atleast a notification daemon, that tells applications to reload
their settings, and a small xsettings wrapper. The settings dialogs
would run in a separate processes and not as part of the settings
manager, and would be started from the appbrowser, which as shown in JPs
request, can easily be used to display custom content using a .menu file.

> Best Regards,
> Alexandre Moreira.


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