[Xfce4-commits] r24258 - in xfce4-panel/trunk: . libxfce4panel panel

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Wed Jan 3 19:34:58 CET 2007

Nick Schermer wrote:
> Author: nick
> Date: 2007-01-03 18:19:17 +0000 (Wed, 03 Jan 2007)
> New Revision: 24258
> Modified:
>    xfce4-panel/trunk/configure.ac.in
>    xfce4-panel/trunk/libxfce4panel/libxfce4panel-1.0.pc.in
>    xfce4-panel/trunk/libxfce4panel/xfce-panel-plugin.h
>    xfce4-panel/trunk/panel/Makefile.am
>    xfce4-panel/trunk/panel/main.c
> Log:
> We need to init ghtread for the slice allocator. I've also added this for external plugins (because some of them use the slice macros). This seems to work for external plugins without any problems, so cross you fingers.

You do not need g_thread_init() to use the slice allocator, that's just
wasted CPU cycles. You need to call g_thread_init() prior to using the
slice allocator ONLY if you plan to use threads. Since neither the panel
nor most of the plugins use threads, I'd recommend to revert this one.


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