Thunar tree-view/shortcuts-view patches

Nikolas Arend Nikolas.Arend at
Tue Feb 20 16:20:51 CET 2007


attached please find two small patches for thunar-tree-view.c and 
thunar-shortcuts-view.c. They add a "Remove Safely" action to the volume 
action list in the side pane for devices like usb sticks or removable 
media. It also adds the "Unmount Volume" entry in addition to "Eject 
Volume"/"Remove Safely" since I thought they are not exactly mutually 

Maybe I should explain why I find this usable: After mounting and later 
unmounting my mp3 player (a Samsung YP-Z5F) in Thunar, the player still 
showed "Connected" as the USB status. Konqueror had an additional option 
called "Safely Remove", which actually removed the device from the tree 
of listed devices. The player then showed "Finishing" (USB connection) 
and returned to its main menu. With Thunar, I had to actually unplug the 
device to achieve this. Although I thought this additional option in 
konqueror is a good thing, I liked Thunar's way of handling devices much 
better and implemented it using Thunar's built-in functions.
Long story short... that's why I added it.

Cheers,   Nick.

PS: Maybe FLOPPY Volumes should be excluded from this "Remove Safely" 
option (as check in (thunar_vfs_volume_is_removable()). To be honest, I 
don't exactly know how modern floppy drives work/look like.
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