mixer, Re: Goals for next Xfce releases

Danny Milosavljevic danny_milo at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 4 14:05:30 CET 2007


On Sun, 04 Feb 2007 00:58:05 +0100, Björn Martensen wrote:
> it is. but that's the playback setting. this controls how loud you hear
> the stuff you speak into your microphone.
> take a look at alsamixer. usually it lists only the playback sliders,
> which also hold the mic and mic boost settings. but those are for
> playback.


> when you press tab, then alsamixer switches to the capture sliders and
> this has another mic slider and some additional sliders to control the
> volume of pcm for example too, but this is what other people hear.
> and this is the part, that is not configurable with xfce4-mixer at all!
> you can only control the volume of the stuff _you_ hear, not the volume
> of devices that are captured.

I didn't even know that this existed O_o

I'll read up on it.


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