Nick Schermer nickschermer at
Mon Dec 17 23:26:35 CET 2007

2007/12/17, Brian J. Tarricone <bjt23 at>:
> Is it really necessary to have an extra widget for that?  If
> xfce_create_framebox() is doing much more than that, it shouldn't be.

The new widget does the same, but is has a creaner api IMHO.

> As you said, it's easy to add stuff later if we find we need it; hard to
> remove the pointless stuff if it's really pointless.

Well it's just a kickoff, I have enough time in the next 2 months to
finish this stuff, so if you start with things you get more respond
from other devs, and that's what libxfce4ui needs.

> Moving on:  the dialogs stuff.  Where did xfce_message_dialog() go?

I'm not superman :-). Will add them later, like i said in the first mail.

> GtkWidget *
> xfce_gtk_label_new_custom(const gchar *label,
>                            XfcePangoSize size,
>                            PangoStyle style,
>                            PangoWeight weight);

Good idea. Will take a look.

> Also, note that xfce_gtk_window_center_on_monitor_with_pointer() might
> be kinda broken API-wise with xrandr 1.2's multiple pointer support...
> though we may just not care given that's by far an uncommon setup.

Changed that function internally. Gtk centers properly on monitors
when GTK_WIN_POS_CENTER is set. So the function only sets the window
screen to the screen a the pointer.

> Anyhow: we have the opportunity to really start from scratch here.
> Let's make sure everything that goes in is as clean as possible and is
> targeted for maximum usefulness.

Well I do the code writing and other people shout, looks like a good
way to me to make some nice out of it ^_^.


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