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Fri Aug 24 02:50:59 CEST 2007

On 8/23/07, Jean-Philippe Guillemin <jp.guillemin at> wrote:
> Christian Dywan wrote:
> >
> > Why in the world do you want to get rid of gksu? It's a super handy
> > tool for nothing but running graphical apps as root. It does not
> > require gnome.
> Gksu prior to version 1.3.7 : yes.
> After this version Gnome session and Gnome keyring are needed (no more
> "-a" switch if I remember well). That's why Zenwalk still provide
> version 1.3.7 of Gksu.
> > And forking or replacing a tool "for the sake of having
> > our own" is not worth it at all.
> >
> It would be worth to have a password session keyring in XFCE imho.
> > I hope this didn't sound harsh, but your statement simply doesn't
> > make sense to me without a very good reason.
> >
> I guess you expected me to state things without a good reason, right ?  ;)
> Cheers
> JP
> > Regards,
> >     Christian

I wrote a simple program called ktsuss that works as gksu (it started
like an application for Kwort, but anyone can use it), but it is a lot
smaller and simpler than gksu. It doesn't have a keyring session and
probably it will never have so.

Anyways, it's only gtk2 dependent, so any with G* can run it.
You can download it from here:

Bugs reports and suggests are welcome.

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