libglade dependency

Josh Saddler nightmorph at
Sat Aug 18 10:20:05 CEST 2007

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> What do we think about a libglade dependency for some Xfce modules?
> Obviously it would be a hard requirement; not having the UI would kinda
> suck.  AFAICT, libglade doesn't depend on anything we're not already
> pulling in: glib, gtk, atk, libxml2.  The Gentoo ebuild also depends on
> python, which I find a little weird -- might be a soft dep.

It's actually a runtime dependency in the Gentoo ebuild, and it is a
hard dep. Not sure why actually -- I assume our Gnome team has some
reason for forcing the python RDEP. PyGTK, maybe? Maybe ask either
gnome at or drac at g.o (though he's also on this list) to find out

You sure you aren't leaving something out of your glade?

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