Performance optimisations

Ori Bernstein ori at
Wed Aug 8 09:31:17 CEST 2007

On Tue, 7 Aug 2007 20:24:01 +0200, Bartosz Janiak <firejump at> said:

> Apart from that, I can't find any obvious performance/loading
> time/memory usage issues in Xfce. My question is: are there any known
> issues of that type in Xfce that hadn't been dealt with yet? (if there
> are, I'd be glad to try to fix them).

Startup time would probably be the biggest currently-known issue. Right
now, xfce4-session doesn't start up apps in parallel, and it should, for better
startup time. 

Other than that, I'm not sure. Profiling, and posting the profiles,
would probably be the biggest step forward -- ie, figure out where the
memory is allocated, where CPU time is spent on startup, look for
unshared segments that could be shared, etc. Find the allocations, run every
program in memprof and post the results, etc.

Good luck.

> Regards,
> Bartosz

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