Performance optimisations

Bartosz Janiak firejump at
Tue Aug 7 20:24:01 CEST 2007

Hello everyone,

as a part of a project at my university I'm working on optimising
various open-source programs. Although I don't regard Xfce as being
especially slow or memory consuming ;) I thought I'd investigate it
from that side as well. The only things I could find were:

- battery-plugin, which blocks the whole panel when one tries to hover
over it, and generally takes a lot of CPU power,
- one issue with xfce4-session (the fact that it waits with spawning
another xfce process until the last one registered it's window in
Xserver), but I couldn't really fix it withouth breaking the xfdesktop,
- Terminal performance problems, which apparently aren't caused by
Termial itself, but by libvte (and I don't know how to approach them

Apart from that, I can't find any obvious performance/loading
time/memory usage issues in Xfce. My question is: are there any known
issues of that type in Xfce that hadn't been dealt with yet? (if there
are, I'd be glad to try to fix them).


[Sorry if this message got send twice]

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