Window Manager button layout

pc.ridder at pc.ridder at
Fri Sep 22 17:31:30 CEST 2006


I have written an addition to the Window Manger button layout.
All the button for shade, stick, close, ... were pressent except for 
Always on top. When working with tool boxes I knowtest it would be 
realy nice to have it :).
So, I added this button. And maybe it could be added to xfwm4.
(svn diff attached)
Changes I made:
Added the "Always on top" button in xfwm4 and the Window Manager config 
Added window shortcut setting for "Always on top".
Added the 6 states of the "Always on top" icon in the default theme.
Made the title in the Window Manager button layout config pannel 
movable (not removable).
Added some defines to modify the Window Manager config pannel easier.
Changed the default keythemerc (cause shortcut key).
Changed the README.
Updated the po.
Fix a missed typed trace sentence.

Peter de Ridder

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