Extending xfce4-mixer

Johannes Zellner webmaster at nebulon.de
Sun Sep 17 14:56:29 CEST 2006

Hello together,

yesterday I wrote a simple python-script which should show how I'd like 
to extend xfce4-mixer.

Mostly It simply provides flags like "aumix" (--raise-volume / 
--toggle-mute /....).
Using the application is very simple: xfce4-volume-control <flags>
I think these flags are really usable, but aumix does it also very well.
So the script shows additional also a small "osd" for volumen-control-info.

If you think this is nice and usable, please try and comment it.
Url: http://x.nebulon.de/xfce4-volume-control.tar.bz2


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