thunar 0.4rc1 cpu usage

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Wed Sep 13 13:24:43 CEST 2006

Antonio SJ Musumeci wrote:
> It's the bulk renamer search & replace, no regular expr... just a " " to 
> "_" replacement. Running it a few more times it seems like thunar is 
> taking up about 3/4 the cpu and X the rest. With gam_server jumping up 
> to 0.7%. Looks like thunar is doing a whole lot of window updates when 
> the renaming is happening.

Yes, but most of them are offscreen and atleast with GTK+ 2.8/2.10 that
doesn't seem to make a difference. I wonder what is different on your
system. Do you use the Debian packages? Or atleast Debian? That'd
probably be the same problem as Yves-Alexis and we know atleast where to

> Just a suggestion for the bulk renamer. ROX-Filer's bulk renamer allows 
> you to apply the policy (replace,remove,insert,etc) without actually 
> renaming or losing the renamer window. It just makes the altered string 
> the source for the next policy. Very useful if you need to do apply more 
> than one policy to a set.

Oh, I didn't even know that ROX has a bulk renamer. But I don't get what
you mean. Do you want to keep the window open after rename? If so, run
the standalone bulk renamer (System -> Bulk Rename). The renamer
available from F2 in Thunar is - to be consistent with the normal rename
dialog - used to rename exactly once.


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