thunar 0.4rc1 cpu usage

Antonio SJ Musumeci asm3072 at
Wed Sep 13 05:02:15 CEST 2006

It's the bulk renamer search & replace, no regular expr... just a " " to 
"_" replacement. Running it a few more times it seems like thunar is 
taking up about 3/4 the cpu and X the rest. With gam_server jumping up 
to 0.7%. Looks like thunar is doing a whole lot of window updates when 
the renaming is happening.

Just a suggestion for the bulk renamer. ROX-Filer's bulk renamer allows 
you to apply the policy (replace,remove,insert,etc) without actually 
renaming or losing the renamer window. It just makes the altered string 
the source for the next policy. Very useful if you need to do apply more 
than one policy to a set.

Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> Antonio SJ Musumeci wrote:
>> It's the search and replace renamer. The files where a mix of 
>> individually 7ziped files which I was recompressing with zip. I had done 
>> a rename first. Then ran a command to zip them up one by one.
> Yes, I'm talking about the bulk renamer as well.
> Which renamer do you use? I've tried with all renamers and >1000 MP3
> files, even the media tags renamer completes within 1-2 seconds.
> Benedikt
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