jouke hijlkema Jouke.Hylkema at
Wed Sep 6 11:03:49 CEST 2006

Salut William,

I'm running Ubuntu on a intel box and I'm under the impression that 
xinerama isn't well configured for the X server even though it says it 
loads it correctly. But before diving into the X server config I wanted 
to make sure that Xfce doesn't need something special to use Xinerama.
I use the Xfce RC1 installed with the installer. So my question 
basically is ... do I need to compile Xfce with Xinerama support 
specifically or is this activated per default?


William Bonnet wrote:
> Hi
>> Last night I tried to add a second monitor. Xorg configuration was no
>> problem, /var/log/Xorg.0.log says that xinerama is loaded and active. Is
>> there something special to do for Xfce to spread over 2 monitors. The
>> only thing I found on the web is that Xfce is 'Xinerama aware'
> I am using XFce under Solaris, and i add nothing to do to configure Xinerama
> support for XFce (as long as X server is configured for using Xinerama).
> What are your current problems with Xinerama support ? what is your platform /
> distribution ? Does Xinerama works with other enrivonnement ?
> Regards,
> William

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