Double clicking on the desktop icon of a removable device

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Sun Oct 29 21:57:21 CET 2006

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Gregoire Gentil wrote:
> Hello,
> On the most recent xfdesktop build, double clicking on the desktop icon
> of a removable device doesn't do anything. Thunar is not launched (note
> that I can browse from Thunar the removable device). It was working
> before. Is it my build (I re-build everything twice) or can anybody
> experience the same problem?

Hmm, it works here for me, SVN rev 23550.  Is the volume mounted before
you double click?  If not, xfdesktop will try to mount it, but if
mounting fails, or if it can't figure out the mount point, it won't open
the volume -- though it should display an error message if that's the
case (though it's possible that's not working for all cases).

Can you try mounting the volume first, and then try to open it.  If that
does work, that probably means the automount stuff isn't working properly.


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