Focus mode idea (to shoot at)

Harold Aling h.aling at
Sun Oct 29 14:57:25 CET 2006

Dear list,

I'm constantly switching between "Click to focus" and "Focus follows 
mouse". Click to focus gives me more control over what's happening but 
Focus follows mouse is 'faster', but I can't get the auto raise delay 
tweaked to the correct/ultimate setting (too slow: so I have to wait on 
the raise delay. Too fast: the wrong window gets focus, hiding the one I 

So I'd like to propose a new setting: "Raise on keypress"

That way you don't get those annoying flickering windows and they don't 
popup before you really need them... You also don't have to wait until 
the focus delay kicks in. The key pressed must also be sent to the 
window as input...

Feature request or thrashbin?


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