espresso server move time

Auke Kok sofar at
Mon Oct 23 18:38:07 CEST 2006

progress report:

most users have received their login information and are back on track. We're migrating 
scripts and other minor services right now.

One of the biggest changes is that our mail server now lives behind the 
mailserver complex which filters e-mail for us. This has some implications:

1) pop-before-smtp no longer works
2) we don't need to run spamassassing/postgrey anymore

All users should relay mail directly to their ISP. The new imaps/pop3s servername to use 
is ''.

users with local mail accounts might have had mail delivered before their .forward files 
were restored, .procmailrc files were NOT restored. Please make sure you check if mail 
was delivered for you on the server if applicable, and verify that your mail forwarding 
is setup correctly.

Report problems and issues to me ASAP please. Thanks,


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