xfce in opensuse

Pavel Nemec pnemec at suse.cz
Mon Oct 9 08:38:20 CEST 2006

HI Olivier,

> > My second question is, could anyone with appropriate right put link to
> > suse packages
> > http://en.opensuse.org/X11:xfce
> > to xfce download page
> > (http://www.xfce.org/index.php?page=download&lang=en) Pavel
> Ok, I'll do it. Ring me if I forget :)
> Thanks for you efforts, I'm glad xfce 4.4 will be part of next opensuse
> release!
That is exactly problem, i am not sure if it will. I will love to. But if i do 
not know if final release will be in time (~15.11.06) i cannot put Xfce RC 
into our Beta builds for testing. 
I know you do a lot of work on Xfce so i do not want push or something, i just 
trying to get as much information available as i can. 
I am sure i will create repository for SL 10.2 even if i cannot put it in, in 
time. But there is chance that Xfce can be put on CDs and it will be nicer 
> Cheers,
> Olivier.

thanks for great work on Xfce, i think Xfce is really outstanding, measuring 
by what provide and what require.


Pavel Nemec
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