dbus problems

Henry christenson exvor0 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 2 23:51:13 CEST 2006

Thunar builds fine Xfdesktop does not.

my statement as somones FUBAR were not ment to be degetory to anyone
as i will sometimes do this when writing programs my self.  I
apologize if it was.  And sorry for my spelling but it happens
sometimes when i get busy around here.  And as far as the statment
somone needs to fix it well yes thats true and somone created a bug
report but you should merge this into the main package AKA the
installer so that it just doesent continue to fail over and over and
gives a message about dbus.  and yes i relize this is a free project
with volenteers.   I would suggest usiing something other then dbus
tho for whatever your trying to do.  Unless you have it as a
distrobution its very cryptic on there page on how to get it installed
and working so that dbus-glib builds properly.  Im not sure if your
solution posted here will solve the issue that im havinig but ill try

> 3. Statements like "this is someone's FUBAR" don't go very far in
>  creating good will toward you.  Word of the day is "tact" - get
> you some...  :)
> Anyway, with all that said, your options for RC1 are either to
> install dbus and the glib bindings for it, or:
>   --disable-dbus    when compiling Thunar
>   --disable-thunar-vfs    when compiling xfdesktop
> and it should build fine.  Of course, I'm waiting on RC2, and
> hoping it will be relatively soon.  I'd like to get some Xfce
> 4.4rc? packages for Slackware 11.0 out, but I don't want to have
> to require dbus to be added as well...
> Olivier, Brian - hint, hint... :)
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