dbus problems

Henry christenson exvor0 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 2 04:27:23 CEST 2006

I dont have dbus on my system i dont have it configure or installed
and i dont have dbus-glib-1 or do i want this as it is experimental
and only used by what 9 programs known.  The web page that has dbus is
cryptic about how to get it installed.

The Xfce4.4RC1 is forceing you to have dbus or it will fail configure
for the xfce desktop manager.    If this is an optional componet you
need to fix it so that it doesent come up as a reuquirement  when
trying to install xfce4.4RC1.

this was not requried on previous versions of xfce4 why is it now.  im
thinking this is someones FUBAR when writeing the configure script.

please advise on how to ither 1. get dbus-glib-1 installed or 2 get
around the configuration issue

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