exo url escaping

Mtc mtc at megapolis.pl
Thu Nov 16 14:06:22 CET 2006

> Hi
> Wed, 15 Nov 2006 19:26:07 +0100 - Mtc <mtc at megapolis.pl> wrote :
>> http://sport.gazeta.pl/sport/7%2C65025%2C3737717.html gives me a 404.
>   This is to be expected, I pasted this link in different browsers to
> test.  If this happens only with the RSS aggregator, open a bug for it.

No, this is not only an aggregator issue, passing the correct link to 
exo-open on the commandline also causes the problem, so my guess is that 
it is an exo issue. Should I file a new bug or reopen previously 
mentioned 2454?



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