xfterm4 script recursivity bug?

Xavier Otazu xotazu at cvc.uab.es
Thu Nov 16 12:47:26 CET 2006


	I have defined TERMCMD as rxvt. Hacking a bit, I've found.

	I have defined exo TerminalEmulator as rxvt "%s"

	When excuting

xfterm4 -e ssh xavier at mimachine.com

I receive:

rxvt: bad option "ssh xavier at mimachine.com"

which means that it ignores the "-e" flag.

	Looking at the xfterm4 script, I've seen that a EXEC variable
is used. I've defined EXEC="-e ". This way I execute it again but

rxvt: bad option "-e ssh xavier at mimachine.com"

	Then, defining TerminalEmulator as rxvt %s (without the quotes)
I may execute it without problems.

	But when I execute 

xfterm4 -e ssh xavier at mimachine.com -T mimachine -n mimachine

rxvt dissapears just after introducing the password, because it
cannot execute "-T mimachine" in the remote machine.

	If I execute

xfterm4 -T mimachine -e ssh xavier at mimachine.com

it just do not execute the ssh command.

	Therefore, I guess there is some problem parsing the options I
use with the xfterm4 script. Also I need to use a (non-documented)
variable EXEC in order to execute it.

	With the old script, everything works fine.

Some ideas?



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