Icon box.

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at xfce.org
Wed Nov 15 21:22:37 CET 2006

Alexandre Moreira wrote:
> Hey Jasper, I was thinking: Wouldn't it be easier to merge  the 
> tasklist plugin and the iconbox plugins ? I mean... they should do 
> basically the same thing with the few differences listed down (please 
> correct me if I'm speaking nonsense)
That's always been my idea as well. What else is the iconbox than a 
windowlist without labels? Unfortunately, the netk-tasklist code is not 
very nice to work with. I have tried a (rather long) while ago, but I 
couldn't get the icon sizing to work the way I wanted, so I gave up and
made a port of the old iconbox instead.
> The Tasklist displays the title of the tasks in the buttons and its 
> buttons are wider.
> Wouldn't it be easier to handle the IconBox through the same code that 
> does the Tasklist, only making that tasklist Vs iconbox behavior 
> optional ?
Conceptually better, yes. Easier? I don't think so. Of course, that 
shouldn't prevent anyone from trying ;-)

> If I recall correctly the tasklist already has support for stopping 
> drawing the titles, so it would just be a matter of creating the 
> Expand to height/Add Rows switch. (and deal with the minimum width, 
> since it goes pretty weird when the minimum width is set to zero.
There's a lot of little annoyances with the current tasklist that could 
do with a little attention.

> Of course I don't think this is a project for 4.4 but I think it is 
> worth a try.
Yes, I do agree. I would love to see an improved or even completely 
rewritten tasklist (and pager) widget .


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